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kmtic_recovery's Journal

Kemetics in Recovery from Abusive Cults
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Welcome to Kemetic_Recovery.

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The focus of this community is healing and recovery. There is no one here who has not had painful experiences while connected to one ~abusive~ cult or another.
Pain is pain.

One of the primary aims of this group is to able to furnish support to those who are recovering from the trauma that comes with both having experiences and interacting with an abusive cult or its membership.

We are here to support each other not bash any particular cult or organization in the singular. That has been tried and found not to work successfully. When one focuses on tearing at the group that injured one's psyche instead of seeking ways to diminish the pain that personal experiences with such a group has wrought, one is locked in an never ending power struggle- a struggle that won't foster healing.

By their actions and words, a person, a group and an organization makes itself known.
Let each reveal what they will as we focus on empowerment, healing and celebration.
When all is said and down, we survived......and in time we will once again celebrate that.
No one can prevent that but ourselves. We will only do that if we do nothing to help ourselves .We will only do that if we don not unite in understanding,support each other,and find personal meaning in the experiences we are in the process of transcending.


~~on Sock-Puppets~~

Kemetics in Recovery from Abusive Cults is not in the practice of adopting "Sock-puppets".

Those found to be have joined this community journal  under  false or a misleading 'personae' , for whatever reason or justification, will be summarily removed from this community.

The  reality of Sock-puppet is that each is  a false, or misleading identity or personae which then is often used to blend in with the rest of the community.~~(In blunt terms s sock-puppet is a spy or in the words of spy thrillers: an asset or a field operative.)~~ The purpose of most "sock-puppets" is to gather "raw" data,observe, document, 'journal' all information regarding an individual, a group of individuals, a community or an organization. This data and the personal 'observations' as well as 'critiques' that accompany the data is sent back to whoever is deemed 'in the chain of command, the hierarchical ladder, the information gathering pool. That recipient maybe be an group, an organization or just the person him/herself.

The problem with most such sock-puppets and those to whom the information or raw data is sent, is that by doing so, they fulfill some hidden agenda. While I will stop at the word "always", I will say with certainty there is often a hidden agenda which furnishes the bases for this practice itself. 

If the practice were just to gather factual information on a person, or a group of people, an organization and nothing more, this might be understood, although not permitted in a community such as this one..since its foundation is built on trust, honesty, integrity and forth righteousness.

The most troubling consequence that stems from the activities of sock puppets or 'spies' - for that is who they are in actuality, is that the information they gather is distorted, twisted, and so 'dissected' by professional information analysts of a given field, that the resulting data they arrive at, has little value, and very little fact and even less truth within its matrix.  This analysis of the facts is then often given to the membership of a given group or audience 'as actual fact' itself.  If that were not enough, a professional analyst is often presented after such a presentation to make sure the audience understood the significance of these facts. 

This practice occurs across the board, in every organization which depends to a given extent on gathering information on their 'competitors' and or 'enemies' i.e. =those that mean them 'harm'.  It happens in government to a large extent, within given social groups and within certain specific sects in various religions and religious cults in a variety of faiths.  I am NOT pointing fingers at anyone.  If you think I am, then it is your own guilt taunting you, not my words and sentences.

 Everything I have chosen to write about sock-puppets and their practices is factual. It is for these reasons and others not mentioned, that sock-puppets will not be permitted in this community.
Trust cannot be established when built on lies, deceit and false identities. Trust, truth and healing is the fulcrum upon which this healing community is built.